Spiritual Leprosy

Then Jesus answered and said, "Were there not ten cleansed? But the nine-where are they? Was no one found who returned to give glory to God, except this stranger? - Then answered Peter and said unto him, Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee; what shall we have therefore? Luke 17:17,18; Matthew 19:27: American Standard Version (ASV)

At one point or another we all are going to experience difficulty. Isn't it strange that too often we only turn to God as a last resort? It isn't till all other hope and resources have been exhausted that we end up crying to Him for help.

The Psalmist said; Before I was afflicted I went astray Psalms 119:67. I know from first hand experience the impact a disease can have on one's self esteem. I have been in a wheelchair since the age of thirteen. I am now forty-nine years young. I can recall having nearly lost my life on at least four occasions.

What are the overall truths I have come to learn as a result of all of this? The first thing I have come to realize is that God is infinitely merciful and that His love and His kindness towards me have been far greater than I could ever comprehend. The second thing I have come to learn is that my well-being and "happiness" is not a debt GOD owes me. Do you know that GOD IS VERY MUCH INTERESTED IN OUR ATTITUDES?

How often do you find yourself complaining or being agitated with your circumstances? How many times have you questioned God concerning the trials He in His wisdom has called upon you to endure? Do you understand that complaining will overwhelm you?
Psalm 77:3

Have you ever tried to convince God how good you are and how undeserving of your circumstance you are? I know I have. We seem to think that just because we are His children our life should be void of any difficulty or unpleasantness. GOD IS VERY MUCH INTERESTED IN OUR ATTITUDES. Have you ever tried to be the Almighty's counselor, instructing Him concerning what He should or should not allow into your life? I call this kind of thinking, SPIRITUAL LEPROSY." It is gross, and it will kill whatever is pure and holy in our life.

GOD IS VERY MUCH INTERESTED IN OUR ATTITUDES. Let us learn from the ten lepers who standing afar off cried, "Jesus, Master, have mercy on us." I truly believe it was because of their humble attitude that Jesus spoke to their situation and brought healing into their lives. Do you feel in your heart that you have little for which to be thankful for? Go ahead, I dare you, thank God right now for His abundant mercy and everlasting kindness and faithfulness He continually pumps into your life. Feels good, doesn't it?

Let us also learn another lesson from these ten lepers. They neither complained to Jesus, nor question Him as to their suffering and lot in life. No instead they realized Him to be the Master of their lives and as such pleaded for his mercy. GOD IS VERY MUCH INTERESTED IN OUR ATTITUDES.

Understand that whatever blessings we are enjoying this very moment are a result of God's mercy and not a debt a He is obligated to dish out to us. Our lives will take on an entirely different meaning if we allow ourselves to be governed by these truths. Remember, our life here on earth does not consist in the abundance of things, OR THE LACK OF THEM.

As I bring this devotional to a close let me exhort you not to resist the work of God in your life. He can be trusted! His Word is tried and true! Unlike the Disciples, let us put away our questions; let us stop asking God for explanations. Instead let us ask for His mercy and grace, which will far exceeds any trial or difficulty He may call us to go through.


May God grant you His peace 
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